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3rd International Workshop 10-11 May 2005, Maputo - Mozambique

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2st Int. Workshop on Open Access, 2004
1st Int. Workshop on Open Access, 2003


The Swedish International development Agency (Sida) in collaboration with United nations Information and Communication Technology Task Force (UNICTTF) and The Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) have organized in 2003 and 2004 the first and second international conference on Open Access technologies.

The Eduardo Mondlane University in Maputo Mozambique has requested to host the 3rd International Open Access workshop in Maputo Mozambique. It has been decided that the workshop will be held on 10-11 May 2005.

This year the main theme of the workshop will be on Open Access solutions, a Pan African Fibre Backbone, financing models and regulatory environment for Open Access technologies. The scope is how to provide open access which includes identifying the users, the relevant technologies, and the regulatory framework and how to support the entrepreneurship that is necessary to build sustainable networks. This conference will address the open access technologies in the context of Developing Regions, in particular the Sub-Saharan Africa.

The detailed goal of the workshop is to:
Disseminate and discuss the concept of Open Communication

  and Open Networks, i.e. networks with modular network segments with open standardised interfaces allowing different actors to build networks together based on local economical opportunities.
disseminate case studies illustrating best practices for how to provide first mile access from more users
discuss how academia, regulators and funding agents can stimulate and support entrepreneurs to provide access in new areas
disseminate case studies illustrating cases of how to build national or international fibre backbones that provide access to more users
discuss issues related to the regulatory environment that is required for these backbones to evolve
discuss how to establish national and regional research and academic networks

It is expected that the conference will gather about 150 participants from Africa, Europe, Asia, Latin-America and North America.
The 3rd International Open Access Workshop will be organized through collaboration between Sida, IDRC, UNICTTF, UEM and KTH.

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