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3rd International Workshop 10-11 May 2005, Maputo - Mozambique

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The Wireless Experience !
2st Int. Workshop on Open Access, 2004
1st Int. Workshop on Open Access, 2003


Conference Program

Day 1 10th of May 2005


08:00 Registration of participants
08:30 Welcome address by Professor Brazão Mazula, Rector of UEM
08:35 Address by Steve Song – Representing IDRC
08:40 Address by Per-Einar Troften – Representing Sida
08:45 Address by Astrid Dufborg – Chair UNICTTF WG
08:50 Address by Salomao Manhica – Chairman INCM & Executive President ICT Policy Commission
08:55 Opening remarks by Hon. Venâncio Massingue, Minister Science and Technology

Session: Pan African Fiber backbone

09:10 Presentation by Anders Comsted, Royal Institute of Technology, KTH, Sweden: Pan African Fiber Backbone. Is it possible?
09:30 Roy Steiner and Karanja Gakio, consultants for the IDRC and Cyberplex Africa: Promoting African Research & Education Networking –Internet Bandwidth Challenges and Opportunities
09:50 Presentation by Rahul Tongia, Carnegie Mellon University, US: Introducing the FiberAfrica Proposal – a Leapfrog Open Access Network
10:10 Hans Eriksson, Royal Institute of Technologies, Sweden: The Future of Voice in the Internet
10:30 Presentation by Augusto de Sousa Fernando, Electricity of Mozambique: Infrastrutura de Telecomunicacoes da EDM

Coffee Break

10:50 Coffee Served in the atrium of the conference center

Session 2:

Chairperson: Francis Tusubira, Makerere University
11:10 Presentation by Biswanath Mukherjee, University of California Davis, United States : Fiber Networks Around the World and A Proposal for Africa
11:30 Presentation by Rogério Lam, Ministry of Planning and Finance, Mozambique
11:50 Presentation by Carl-Johan Orre, Department of informatics, Umeå University : Walking the last mile-repaving the road through mobile information and communication technologies ?
12:10 Presentation by Lars Glimbert, KTH, Sweden: SPIDER - Swedish Program for ICT in Developing Regions


12:30 Lunch – Instituto de Formacao das Telecomunicacoes

Session 3: Promoting African Research and Education Networking

Chairperson: Steve Song, IDRC Connectivity Africa and Acacia Manager
14:00 Presentation by Kate Wild, independent consultant to IDRC on survey amongst donors funding higher education :
A survey of investment in education & research networking in Africa
14:20 Presentation by Santhi S. Kumaran, Kigali Institute for Science and Technology
14:40 Presentation by Lis Levey, for the Partnership for Higher Education in Africa
14:45 Presentation by Sandra Aluoch African Virtual University
15:05 Presentation by F.F.Tusubira, Makarere University, and consultant to the Association of African Universities : Bandwidth Initiative: Lessons, Gaps and Emerging Directions

Coffee Break

15:25 Coffee served in the atrium of the conference center

Session 4: Promoting African Research and Education Networking (Continued)

Chairperson: Bjorn Pehrson, Professor at KTH
15:55 Presentation by Geoff Daniel, correspondent for the Global VSAT Forum, on the regulatory issues and access in each country : Satellite Access in Africa, Connectivity via integrated Networks
16:15 Presentation by Ben McGarry, Southern African Regional Universities Association (SARUA) : Higher Education’s leadership rôle in providing leaders, developing new science and technology, stimulating commerce, and reducing poverty in Southern Africa
16:35 Presentation by Olavi Trydhed, Sweden : African Academic Backbone
16:55 Presentation by Margaret Ngwira: The MALICO VSATs – A Consortium connectivity solution for the Academic, Research and Development Community in Malawi
17:15 End of Day 1

Dinner: 19:00 Gala Dinner at Kaya Kwanga

Day 2 11th of May 2005

Session 5: Open Access Projects and Technologies

Chairperson: Astrid Dufborg, Chairperson of UNICTTF WG
08:30 Presentation by Stelios Papadakis, Ministry of Transport and Communications, Moz : IP Networks:Making Open Access easier
08:50 Mozambique Voice Over IP Project, UEM and KTH : Projecto: Voice over IP na UEM
09:10 Presentation by Bjorn Pehrson, Royal Institute of Technology, KTH: The Role of Universities when creating the African Network Society, Using NRENs as Spearheads and Universities as Think Tanks
09:30 Presentation by Anders Comstedt, Royal Institute of Technology, KTH: Rural telecommunications under the open access paradigm
09:50 Presentation by Terrence Brown, Royal Institute of Technology, KTH :Entrepreneurs Needed

Coffee Break

10:10 Coffee served in the atrium of the conference center
10:30 Group discussions
Group 1: Pan African Fiber Backbone Issues (financial, regulatory and coordination issues)
Group 2: National Research and Education Networks and partnership for affordable bandwidth access (financial, regulatory and coordination issues)
Group 3: Consumer Power: How to Put the Consumer in the Driver Seat – How Open is Open Access? Open to Whom ?


12:30 Lunch served at Instituto das Telecomunicacoes de Mocambique

Session 6: Presentations of Group Discussions

Chairperson: Kate Wild
14:00 Group discussions presentations
14:05 Presentation and discussion of Group 1 conclusions
14:30 Presentation and discussion of Group 2 conclusions
14:55 Presentation and discussion of Group 3 conclusions


15:20 Coffee-Break
Conclusions and Recommendations
16:00 Conclusions presented by Steve Song
16:10 Vote of Thanks by Astrid Dufborg
16:15 Closing remarks by Prof. Sawyerr
16:20 Closing cocktail with Mozambican culture entertainment